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Montgomery Ric Wray

Montgomery Ric Wray

Ric (Montgomery) Wray
May 27, 1960 – April 5, 2021

It is with deep sadness and a broken heart that I announce the passing of Ric (Montgomery) Wray. Ric leaves behind his wife Miriam Stoltz, mother Doramae Wray, numerous family and friends and Charlie.

Ric loved life and there was never a dull moment. Filled with many adventures or misadventures depending upon your involvement. He was intelligent, entertaining, positive, upbeat, generous and unapologetically himself. His sometimes prickly exterior hid a big softie. He loved dogs and shared a special bond with Charlie, our nephew’s dog. Ric was involved in many activities over the years but the one that topped the list was fishing in its many forms. The much anticipated trips south every year always included a fishing excursion or three.

Ric had a varied career but eventually found his passion in carpentry. He became a journeyman carpenter and eventually started his own building and renovations company. Towards the latter part of his career his focus was custom kitchens. In 2017 we moved from the lower mainland to Sidney on Vancouver Island where he retired.

Ric loved Sidney and all that it had to offer. Quiet, relaxing, friendly and is where he found peace.
Ric never tired of the wonderful views along the waterfront, playing with every dog that came along, the quick and easy access to fishing or soaking up the sun in his blue chair. Where every once in a while he enjoyed a scotch and cigar.

Nearly 13 years ago Ric was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer. Something he shared with very few, never wanting to be treated any differently. His passion for life, positive attitude and sense of humour never faded.

Your well-worn sun hat is perched on your now empty blue chair. You were the love of my life, best friend and protector for 32 years. I love you, miss you and you will forever be in my heart. Nightie night sweetie.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date when it is safe for everyone to get together. Until then, the best way to honour Ric’s memory is to get out and enjoy the day or do whatever it is that brings a smile to your face. If you are so inclined, Ric’s charity of choice is the S.P.C.A.

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  • Patrick McDonald -

    Every once in a while I think about genuine characters who have woven their way through my life. When I do, I like to google and see if I can track them down. I recently typed in the name Ric Wray, and was saddened to discover his untimely passing. We met many years ago through the game of squash and the beer drinking associated with the game. At one point Ric lived above me in a small house in Kamloops. He and I had many a chat and shared some sardonic views on a variety of topics usually finding humour in most of them. I recall one night where we decided to skateboard around town, which was entertaining given that neither of us was very proficient. He also liked to pilot his windshield less Jeep at great speed on occasion with me as co pilot. His wit was sharp, and he was a sweet guy. My sincere condolences to his partner and loved ones. He was one of a kind.

  • Ron Hill -

    Ric and I worked together many years ago for quite a few years. He was my apprentice and while he hopefully learned a few things about carpentry from me, I learned a lot about how to embrace life from him. He gave me my nickname “Pops” which my children and grandchildren call me today. He truly was a great guy! Ric, I wish I’d made the effort to stay in touch. It was my loss.
    Miriam, One of my favorite stories was Ric telling me how you had spent the evening before chasing each other around the apartment with Nerf guns. He had found the perfect partner in you.

  • River Hill -

    I was thinking of Ric yesterday and the things he taught me over the years I knew and worked with him. Then today I google searched his name to find out where he was and found this. I had great times with him and I will miss him greatly. Take care Miriam

    River Hill

  • Dave and Mae Romeo -

    Worked with Ric for many years and as many have said he was quite the character! We had many lunch’s together and had mutual friends. Ric always called me old man which I never took too seriously! Will miss our chats and the fishing story’s RIP Ric

  • Hans Fenger -

    I am sorry to hear about Ric..we all knew him and Miriam..in their time living in Burnaby..at Park Ave towers. I often played squash with Ric..and he always cracked me up..a really lovely guy..RIP Ric..my sincere condolences to Miriam.

  • Matt McColl -

    Ric will be dearly missed. He was a caring individual with a great sense of humour! He helped us reno four homes and in that time became part of the family. An incredible person.

  • Kathy Miller -

    Miriam , I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish you strength as you continue on without him. I understand how it feels to lose your spouse and best friend. May he Rest In Peace.

  • Scott Washburn -

    Although I didn’t know Rick personally I knew him through Miriam who I had the pleasure of working with and becoming a life long friend. I know how much she loved him and the sacrifices she made so they could be together to the end. A lesson for all us to learn about devotion, love and compassion. May you rest in peace Rick.

  • Leah Arnold -

    So beautifully written, Miriam, and this photo truly captures the essence of him. Our hearts are broken for you and and also for Ric, who left this earth too soon. He is up there with some really great people. We miss you, Ric and will see you again one day., Leah, Matthew and Emmy. ❤️

  • Avalon Spence -

    Ric will be sadly missed. I’m so glad that he has been a part of our big family. I loved that he adored you and always stood by you, Miriam, and I know you and he were best friends. Hard combination to beat. He was always so ‘Ric’ and we enjoyed our times with him. Life, his life, has been a real gift in so many ways. Catch a big one up there, Ric!

  • Roberta Nastasi -

    Ric was quite the character. Very upbeat. Wicked sense of humour. His humour and positive attitude were a big part of how he kept things at bay for so long. He was a sensitive soul. He loved my sister to the moon and back. He loved holding her hand when walking. Dog lover without a doubt.
    He is missed. It’s as simple as that.
    Rest In Peace Ric!
    Robbie & Jay

    • John Stoltz -

      Ric was the most positive and strong person I’ve ever met. His will to live will live on and will always inspire. He and my sister were a perfect pair and the love of each other’s lives. He was always ready to give a helping hand, was very funny and sweet guy. He will truly be missed by everyone close to him. I’m very saddened by his passing. Rest In Peace Ric.

  • Rosemary Toews -

    Ric was a really good guy with a great sense of humor..but what I liked best was his high regard and obvious love for my sister..
    Rest in Peace Ric.

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