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What to Expect Upon A Death

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Our funeral directors are available by phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Upon making initial contact with us, we will ask you a series of questions which will include:

  • The full name of deceased
  • Where they have passed away (ie: care home, hospice, palliative unit, home, hospital). We may ask for the address depending on where the passing has occurred.
  • The approximate weight of the deceased and whether they have a pacemaker 
  • You relationship to the person (ie: are you the Executor of Legal Next-of-Kin?)
  • Whether there is a Will in place (if a Will exists, we will ask for a copy of the page that shows the named Executor(s) for our file records)
  • Your phone number and email address

We can provide pricing for you and go over any questions you may have at this time. We will ask for your email contact so that we can forward you important details, including: 

  • The link for our online arrangement form (populates the vital statistics of the deceased and a cremation authorization for us. These forms are needed to register the death.)
  • A copy of our general price list
  • Details regarding our Closing Affairs, Credit Bureau and Executor Kit services
  • Information regarding our notarized death certificate copy services

If you need to come to our office in person, please ensure that you contact us ahead of time as we work by appointment only.

The average time line for everything to be completed (issuing of death certificate(s) and cremation process) is normally between 7 to 10 business days. The original death certificate can be issued in advance of cremation, provided that the funeral services contract has been paid in full. Please bear in mind that there are additional fees for rush cremation (see price list).