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Cremation Forms for British Columbia

Cremation forms
Whether pre-planning your cremation or a sudden departure, we have the forms to make the necessary arrangements.

Feel free to download our cremation forms, fill them out and email or fax them to us so we can asses your situation. You can also contact us with any questions or if you are uncertain what kind of information we are looking for.

Arrangement of Cremation Form

The Cremation Arrangement form provides information about the deceased and the responsible Next of Kin. This cremation form is required.

Authorization for Cremation Form

The Cremation Authorization form provides detailed information about the deceased, gives authorization to proceed with the cremation and provides direction. This cremation form is required.

Authorization for Release Form

The Authorization for Release gives us the authorization to collect the remains in order to prepare for the cremation. This cremation form is required.

Terms and Conditions

The Cremation Terms and Conditions form is an agreement about the cremations services. This cremation form is required.

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