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John Meredith Fisher Connell

John Meredith Fisher Connell

John Meredith Fisher Connell – Born June 2, 1938 Died July 15, 2022
My beloved husband left this world on July 15, 2022, at 10:25 pm. He waited for my kiss goodbye before he took his final breath.
He dedicated the majority of his working career to helping people. When he was only 17, he worked after school with the ambulance service in Vancouver. At the age of 21, he became a member of the RCMP. After 5 years in Manitoba he left the RCMP and returned to Vancouver to rejoin the Ambulance Service from which he retired in 2002.
We were married on September 13, 1987, and had a wonderful life, enjoying road trips throughout the USA. Sadly, we never did get to Texas.
His health declined over the last few years, but he was well taken care of. Thank you to the wonderful physicians at Shoreline Medical, the incredible palliative care unit at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, the community care nursing team and the ambulance paramedics from Station 106, in Sidney.
I had never envisioned life without my Bear; we should be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on September 13. I will love you always.
There will be a “Farewell to Bear” on September 10, 2022, from 2:00-4:00 pm
Shoal Centre for Seniors
10030 Resthaven Drive (Auditorium A)

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  • Jim Murray -

    I met Meredith in the 70’S. We always got along so well. Strangely I never called him Bear.
    I worked in the Ambulance Dispatch and Meredith was the Chief Dispatcher. His favorite past time was to torment me. He would wait until I was on the phone talking to someone and then from behind he would poke his fingers into my ribs and raise my voice 10 octaves, much to the alarm of the person I was speaking to.
    He also told me that the reason I couldn’t figure things out was that I was stupid. I thanked him for that insight.
    I would stir my coffee with a spoon and the clanging sound against the cup drove him crazy. He would say “Hey Murray I see you have your square coffee cup again.”
    Judy I feel your loss. He was special to you, me and others.
    Bon voyage my friend. You will always be remembered in my heart because you were special to me.

  • Dixie -

    Judie, so many people loved and will miss Bear so much and me being one of them. He was a great person and I know he loved you so much.
    Humongous Hug

  • Margaret Quinn -

    One or the other must leave, one or the other must stay, One or the other must grieve, that is forever the way. That is the vow that was sworn, faithful til death do us part, braving what had to be borne,
    hiding the ache in your heart. One
    howsoever adored, first must be
    summoned away. One or the other must leave, one or the other must stay. Love Margaret

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