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Glen Alden White

Glen Alden White

Glen Alden White sailed to heaven on October 23, 2023. He celebrated his 77th birthday on September 25th. 

Glen was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Canada in the mid 70’s. He taught secondary school with the Langley School District until he retired in 2006. 

Glen went to Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio where he got his Bachelor’s degree in theatre arts. In the mid 70’s he moved to Canada with his first wife Ellen, to work with teenage boys at Chrisholm in Langley. Glen thoroughly enjoyed those days of horseback riding, farming, hiking and teaching life skills to marginalized young men. Later he went to Simon Fraser University to get his Canadian teacher’s degree. Glen taught Drama, Math, English, Special Ed and Computer Science at Mountain Secondary and Walnut Grove Secondary. Glen also learned to fly an airplane and once he received his pilot license he surrendered it. All he wanted was to feel the wings under his control! He loved sailing, skiing, hiking, cycling, freedom and the outdoors.

Glen married Juhli on October 7, 1995 at Crescent Beach in Surrey, BC. His heart adopted her grown daughters, Michelle and Marti, who got married earlier that year to Randy and Jeff. He loved that the grandchildren Ryan, Jake and Rachel called him Bubba. Many good memories were created camping with the boys in their Roadtrek van. In 2007, Glen and Juhli took a van trip across Canada, down to LaGrange to visit Kerry and family and back home through the northern United States. 

Glen leaves behind his sisters, Kerry, Kathy and Kris and their children who live in Ohio and Michigan. He had a wonderful life growing up. After he married Juhli, he became a Canadian citizen and enjoyed dual citizenship. He was proud of his American heritage and possessed a strong love for family and country. 

Glen and Juhli lived in their home in South Surrey for 23 years, then in 2018, moved to Vancouver Island. Glen passed in their Sidney home surrounded by love.

Glen created many videos of the grandchildren growing up, as well as videos for family and friends. He was a kind, gentle, stoic man who loved deeply. To Juhli, Glen was a perfect husband, grandfather, traveller, hiker, cyclist, video maker, money manager, family man, teacher, learner, best friend, the list goes on and on. She misses his smile, his wit, his hugs, but feels his love inside and all around her. 

Glen loved his life and fought bravely against the cancer that took his body. He was surrounded by love when he sailed to heaven. Cancer may have taken his body but love got his soul. His last wish was to be an angel doing God’s work. 

Juhli is sure she saw Glen waving to her on top of Mt Baker.

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  • Travis Bentler -

    I’m going to miss you tremendously! I will forever remember, sitting having beers, and Glen always was so cheerful, and making the funniest and corniest jokes.

    RIP you’ll be in my heart forever

  • David and Lorna Bonnett -

    We, David & Lorna, met Glen years ago through Juhli, who worked with Lorna at Kwantlen College.

    Many social events were held in those days, with approximately 7 couples getting together to play games, go out for dinners and watch videos that Glen had put together with the help of Juhli.

    We went on bike rides with them both and Glen and Juhli took many photos of the various areas we were in i.e., Stanley Park, downtown Vancouver, etc.

    Travelling was one thing Glen loved doing and we often went along with them on trips they had planned. Glen always knew exactly where we were going & travelling with them was so much fun. The dogs were always part of these trips.

    On our camping trips with lovely fires, Glen would teach us anything he could muster up, like the stars and how you could find the different constellations.

    We climbed mountains with them, and Pepper would always be there. After the hikes, Glen would make wonderful videos of all of us climbing i.e. Mt. Cheam was a good example of a super video he made with the scenery of Chilliwack, Agassiz etc. in the background.

    We will miss the great teacher and caring individual that he was. His wonderful smile, playing the guitar, having long talks on politics and great times spent drinking beer with him and Juhli.

    Glen and Juhli were so loving to each other, and they will always be remembered that way.

  • Laila Rylandsholm -

    My sincerest condolences Juhli and to your family. Glen was a huge part of your family and he will be dearly missed. Roger and I had the privilege of knowing Glen albeit for only a short time. However during that time, we learned of his character, his integrity, his dignity, sense of fun and friendship. Love never dies. Glen will continue to live in the hearts and memories of those who knew him. Grief hurts so much when somebody loves somebody else so profoundly.

  • Roger Gurr -

    Last summer, towards the end of a crazy evening with some artsy-fartsy folk that included Juhli and Glen, I finally had a serious conversation. It was with Glen, who was encouraging “you’re truly” (aka old fart) to buy a bike and explore the countryside of the Saanich Peninsula. Being new to Sidney with few friends, he volunteered to ride with me on my exploration bike rides
    Early this year, I purchased my bike after which I contacted him to ride with me. Being an aging gentleman who has not ridden a bike for over 50 years, I was somewhat apprehensive of this new endeavour of bike riding. Full of apologies, Glen explained to me that his cancer had returned and that he could not physically ride with me but said he would do so “in spirit” by riding vicariously with me. He encouraged me to seek out some other old farts and we formed a GGG Riding Group (Gentleman’s Gentle Riding Group) and, this summer, we met most Sundays for our leisurely rides including the important camaraderie coffee stops.
    The deal was that Glen would ride vicariously with me and I would report back to him by email about our rides, routes and camaraderie, which is what I did! It was the least I could do to have him “join” me. (We are now a group of 12 old fart bike riders).
    Indeed what a short but special relationship we had, based upon a single physical meeting followed by a multitude of “spiritual” bike rides together.
    Thank you for your help and encouragement – you left me too soon, I will continue to explore the Saanich countryside with you vicariously.
    However, I will need your new address and email for my reports!! There again, from where you are, maybe not required?

    • Juhli -

      No need for email reports anymore, Roger, Glen is an omniscient energy now. But if you need help while cycling, he’ll be there ❤️

  • Kara Page -

    Such a treasure you are Uncle Glenny! Always a twinkle in your eye and a song in your heart. Our summers together are cherished memories I’m so grateful for and will forever hold dear. Thank you for reminding me to always sing out♥️Juhli, please know that we love you so very much and wrap you in hugs across the miles.

  • Kathy Hyle -

    A cherished memory with my dear brother Glen is an awesome visit together to Golden Ears Provincial Park. Glen and Juhli, you kindly shared its breathtaking beauty with me as we hiked through the forest together. I remember thinking how the Lord loves us so much to give us such an abundance of awe-inspiring wonder. As I think of Glen, this is where I see him now gloriously surrounded by love.

  • Ryan -

    Bubba was the most amazing grandpa. I have so many memories with bubba camping and hiking, he always knew the best way to make a fire and the best campfire stories. (I’ll definitely be stealing the “viper” story) Bubba will always be a huge male figure in my life and for that I am extremely grateful. Love you Bubba

  • Caleb -

    We fondly remember and dearly miss our beloved Uncle Glen, whose visits during our Ohio summers were the highlight of our lives. These cherished moments of family togetherness, laughter, and song continue to warm our hearts. As we gather, flipping through old photo albums, we were reminded of the countless events and experiences we shared together.

    Uncle Glen’s presence added a special kind of feeling to our get togethers. His laughter was infectious, and his teasing were filled with wisdom and humor. He had a unique way of making everyone feel loved and valued. Those summers with him were the best of times, creating memories that we will treasure forever.

    As we say our goodbyes, we hold dear the moments of joy he brought into our lives. Uncle Glen’s memory lives on in the love and laughter he gifted to us all.

    Uncle Glen, you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Rest in peace.

  • Wendy and Bud -

    Our sincere condolences Julie and family. Life is a journey and you, Glen certainly made the most of it. You are now travelling for free. We will miss you and our visits, meals and Glen especially your fantastic lattes! Rest In Peace you are a special friend and will never be forgotten. Lots of love

  • Kerry Van Keuren -

    My best big brother, Glen. What adventures we enjoyed growing up together!

    Wading up Lick Run Creek near Loleta, PA looking for pollywogs and crayfish. Feeling pretty small as we climbed the big rocks in Allegheny National Forest. Skiing through the woods at Red House, NY instead of down the rope tow hill. Racing our dad’s sloop on Lake Erie but starting off on a port tack to “get fresh air”. Such were the adventures we had as kids.

    And always enjoying music together – Glen would starting off family sing-a longs with a rousing version of Sloop John B. In my opinion, no one sang it better than Glen.

    Though years and miles had piled up between us, we never lost that sense of precious friendship and love we had for each other as kids. Just knowing that Glen was out there somewhere gave me comfort. My heart will have a hole in it until we meet again.

    Looking forward to many more happy days with my best big brother, Glen.

    Thank you Juhli for being the girl of his dreams and for loving him inside out. You are the best.

  • Cynthia and Doug -

    We are so saddened for your loss. We’ll always remember Glen on our deck, sharing the evening sunshine with us. And in your back yard – smiling and laughing at your jokes. His love for you was obvious. Hugs to you.

  • Jeff Player -

    Such a great man. I was lucky enough to be included in much of the cycling, hiking, beach walking through the years. Glen was always quick with a compliment and happy to listen and share stories and experiences. He will forever be treasured as a father in law, a grandfather to our kids, and most of all as a friend.
    Gone, but never forgotten.

  • Tracey Lilley -

    Our legacy is really the lives we touch, the inspiration we give, altering someone’s plan – if even for a moment – and getting them to think, cry, laugh, argue. More than anything, we are remembered for our smiles; the ones we share with our closest and dearest, and the ones we bestow on a total stranger, who needed it right then, and God put you there to deliver.”
    —Carrie Hamilton

    Glen touch my life in so many ways he made me think about many things in way I wouldn’t never of know without his loving explanations he was such a smart, kind and caring man. When I visited he aways foam my cream for my coffee, I always came home with new knowledge of something he had taught me, and treated me with such love and kindness. I was so blessed to have him in my life. Glen I will miss you and love you always.

  • Paul Costello -

    Juhli, I am so sorry to hear of Glen’s passing. He truly is one of the nicest guys I’ve known. I have many fond memories of Glen from Mountain Secondary. As a computer science teacher he was always so helpful to those of us less tech-savvy. And what a smile he had! Truly his face was always lit up. I’m sure you can see him right now looking down on you. He was one of those guys that made coming to work fun and enjoyable. I especially have pleasant memories of you and Glen (and your dog) making your way to our little cabin in Slocan. Love and prayers to you, Juhli. Glen doesn’t need them. He’s already harvesting his due allotment upstairs and sending them your way.
    Love Paul

    • Juhli -

      We really enjoyed our visit with you at your cabin in Slocan, gee so many years ago now. Just the other day, I found a picture of you and Glen by the lake and wondered how you were Paul. Good to hear from you.

  • Cam Gesy -

    We have treasured memories of Glen
    since we first became close friends 45 years ago.
    At R.E. Mountain Secondary School in the 80’s, the students Glen taught had the same view of him as did his children and grandchildren now so many years later.
    They not only respected him as their drama, English and computer science teacher – they literally worshipped what he did for their individual self esteem during his drama productions or learning the secrets of new computer science lessons.
    He was a quiet, competent colleague and a friend to all those who were
    fortunate enough to be in his presence.
    He will be missed by so many.

    • Juhli -

      Thank you for responding to my text before Glen sailed to heaven, Cam and Bev. Glen enjoyed hearing from you and reliving the memory of our trip to Sakanawa Lake and Savory Island. Since you knew Glen and I before he and I met, you know the blessing he was to me, my adult children, their spouses and our grandchildren (the grandchildren we always “ours”). So many good memories. I miss him every moment of every day and have become the old lady that talks to her husband in heaven. Hugs to you and Bev.

  • Allison Altherr -

    You will always be with us Glen. You were so very brave and beautiful through your fight for life. We are all so fortunate to have had you on this earth. I will always remember your warm smile, the twinkle in your eye, and the kindness in your heart.
    Love and hugs to Juhli

  • Laurie & Judy Boytzun -

    We have so many wonderful memories of our group get togethers sharing good food, drinks and stories. You will be missed Glen. Love to you and your family Juhli.
    Lauire & Judy

  • Barbara York -

    Memories of Glen:his devotion to Juhli and family, his way of bringing out the best in others, his wonderful sense of humour, his love of music, his courage, a seeker of truth, a heart of gold.
    In loving memory, Barbara

    • Rod McKellar -

      I’ll never forget the times Glen and I walked the West Coast Trail, or when we climbed Mount Baker, or almost drowned canoeing. He was one of the nicest guys I ever knew, and the world’s just a bit poorer for his loss.

    • Juhli -

      Good to hear from you Rod. I assume you are connected to Barb via June. I hoped to hear from you as you and Glen were exploring buddies and I still remember your story about the marijuana experience on the West Coast Trail! 😉

  • Bruce Jackson -

    I met Glen on a sunny spring day on a softball field at City Park in the seventies. Glen was coaching his Chrisholm team and me, my men’s Langley team. Glen immediately introduced himself and quietly explained that his team was not that skillful and were happy just to have the opportunity to
    play against a mens team. So I suggested we share players off each team and make it a fun game. So we did and everyone benefited. The laughter and gamesmanship was unrelenting. We had an amazing time and I was so impressed with how he managed and encouraged everyone he came in contact with. This would be transcending for we would meet again.
    Seven yesrs later in 1986 we became colleagues at Mountain.
    He was a key member on staff. Well respected leader of the school. He was a servent leader who always had time for one who was in need. His reputation as a gifted teacher had reached Mary Right and in 1991 she recruited him to Walnut Grove. She saw in him everything that anyone who knew him had: Integrity, passion for life, friendship, importance of family, how to laugh at others and yourself, grace, selfless, humility, and how kind he was. He was truly a great man!

    • Juhli -

      So, you sharing players is where Glen’s respect for you began, Bruce! He always saw you as a man with integrity. He missed Mountain Secondary and the friendships he developed there. In the video you took on our wedding day, you are on film saying, “And he will make a great grandpa too!” He did. He was the best! The day before he sailed away, he tapped his chest and said, “They will live in here forever!” Thank you for being you, Bruce. Love to you, Susan and family.

  • Marti Player -

    So many heartfelt memories with our dear Bubba. You hold a place in our hearts that we will always carry. When we see beautiful skies, trees, plants,flowers, mountains, and oceans …. We will stop and we will think of you. The one who taught us so much about the beauty of nature. When we hear country music, we will think of you. When we drink our lattes in the morning, we will smile and think of you . When we see hummingbirds, we will
    think of you. Life has been better with you. Our kids’ lives were enriched by you. Our mom’s life has been blessed by you. Thank you for 30 amazing years of memories❤️ We love you always.

  • Bev Dye -

    I am sorry for your loss, Juhli, It is difficult to know the right words to say at a time like this. I know how much you loved Glen and he adored you. You are very blessed to have had 30 wonderful years together. Glen will always be with you in spirit.

  • Susan Lazar -

    The quiet gentle demeanour with his wonderful grin belied the tremendous courage and determination of Glen.it was a pleasure to know him.

  • Roy & Christine Hough -

    Special in many ways, but most of all I will miss his gentle, caring heart…evident in everything he did. We are all better people for having had Glen in our lives. Love you, Glen. Our deepest sympathy to you, Juhli, and the family

  • Randy Marquardt -

    Bubba the legend- until we meet again where we can enjoy a nice scotch , Glava and a fire and a lot of laughs- your adopted Grandson Leighton , the OG grandson Ry- Jenny and I have you in our hearts-

  • Rena & Harry Harris -

    A lovely tribute, Juhli. Glen was a wonderful man and will be missed by so many people. He accomplished so much in his life. We will always remember him behind your bar at Crescent Beach with a welcoming smile and sparkling eyes.
    Much love
    Rena & Harry

  • Kathryn Toliver -

    Glen, I barely knew you, but given how much Juhli loved you, I know you were an incredible person. I believe you are out there somewhere, smiling down on the family who loved you and who you loved so much. I’m glad you are beyond pain now. I promise to watch over Juhli as the dear friend that she is ❤️❤️

  • Pat Edwards -

    Hoping you are enjoying a much needed rest. God took you home as he needed a perfect soul.

    You will be missed Glen but your smile and the memories you made will live on through Juhli.

    Love to all and especially to you Juhli. ❤️❤️


  • Shar Dubas -

    May you Rest in Peace, dear amigo Glen. You were an amazing person. You will be missed, especially your smile. Love and hugs, Shar… Dubas

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