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Christy Lorne Knight

Christy Lorne Knight

Knight, Christy Lorne ~ Born May 12, 1946, to Donald Godfrey Knight and Mary Gabrielle (Dale), Chris was raised in small town Gananoque, Ontario, with his sister Cheryl. He shared stories of his youth that included some wonderful characters that he is still friends with today ~ the music and dancing of his youth never stopped, and Joni’s attic will live on in legends.

As a child, Chris cottaged every summer in the 1000 Islands. His was a close-knit family where he learned to swim and boat and play the ukulele and sing songs and tunes from the 40s on. He and his sister and cousins enjoyed their growing up years and he reflected on these memories often. Chris loved his family and was a keeper of family lore, history, and traditions.

The ukulele turned into a guitar – and one time the drums in an emergency, and he played and sang for small and large groups over the years. He knew the words to hundreds of songs and was known to entertain for hours. Being on stage came naturally to Chris and he took to theater throughout his years in the Yukon, performing in several stage productions.

Chris followed adventure and opportunities in his younger life, leading him to British Columbia and then to the Yukon in various working environments. It was here in 1974 where he met his wife Sharon (Bredin) and where they had their two daughters Catherine and Kelly. Chris was a professional ‘jack of all trades’ as he grew from his first job at his Uncle Buck’s hardware store, to public relations, to mining, to being an electrician, becoming a real estate agent, and ultimately, working for the Yukon Government where he began the career that shaped his life and passion.

After moving to Victoria, BC, Chris founded C.L.Knight Consulting Ltd in 1991, where, after two years working with provincial and federal governments, he began working exclusively with First Nations in reclaiming their land and resource rights in the Yukon and British Columbia. Chris consulted internationally with South American education institutions helping to develop conflict resolution curriculum. He continued his work until his health began to fade.

From building his own house on Hyland Road in Whitehorse as a young man, to finishing the Sunday New York Times crossword in pen, Chris had an outlook on life that never excluded his participation, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. He simply celebrated every day and those in his life as a mentor and friend.

To know Chris is to know that he loved life. Chris was a learner, a storyteller, and a traveller. He sailed the Turks and Caicos Islands and wandered the halls of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. Chris had perfected the art of conversation as well as a full rib roast meal with all the trimmings and he left this earth the cribbage champion.

He is survived by his sister Cheryl, wife Sharon, daughters Catherine (Chad Conley), Kelly (Christopher Stoddard), grand-children Ella, Grace, Alice, Anna, Cohen, and Lilly. He loved dearly his nieces and nephews, cousins, and extended family network. We all raise our glass and toast Chris’s life and memory. He will be so missed.

The family will honour Chris with a celebration of life that will be held at a later date when the sun is shining down. In lieu of flowers, to honour his memory, please find a charity that is meaningful to you and make a donation.

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  • Janice Ringstead -

    Our Yukon neighbour and friend! So many memories of our Whitehorse years. You and John participating in so many musicals and our girls in the Christmas Pantomime. So many laughs! Yes you had a wonderful voice! Our girls running up and down the street biking, going to school and sleepovers. Good parties and fun times with friends. . Chris was one of a kind. And kind and generous he was. You will be missed but your memory will live on. Our heartfelt condolences to Sharon, Kathy, Kelly and families. He was a good man.❤️

  • Denine Milner -

    I am blessed to be able to say that Chris was a dear friend and trusted mentor who guided me in so many ways. He influenced my life and the person I’ve become and I am grateful.

    We shared humour, stories, kicking-around time and the work we did together stretched me in so many good ways.

    His thoughtfulness and wisdom were, and continue to be, warm themes in my life and I miss him dearly.

  • Roger Lunman -

    I have wanted to wait until most others had submitted their condolences because for most of Chris’s adult life we have travelled different paths. However, Chris and I had the most intense friendship in our teens. We belonged to Sea Scouts together. We shared many a camping trip on the islands around Gananoque. We shared a love of music and both started learning to play ukelele and entertaining the scouts at jamborees before graduating to guitars. Chris has been returning to the Gan area for the past several summers to get together with friends and to jam together. Jim Bilton could play any song on his guitar and Chris could sing any song, reciting the lyrics flawlessly because of his incredible auditory memory. My wife, Ellen, enjoyed those gatherings as well and became more and more impressed with Chris as a good human being. We will all treasure those evenings with Chris forever. R.I.P. dear friend. We all love you.

  • Rod BREDIN and Michele Hebert -

    Chris always said to me, “Hello Roddy, brother from another mother!” You were like a brother to me Chris!
    He was a kind and generous soul, never a mean word and always interested in our doings, I shall miss you and remember you, always. RIP. Brother from another mother!

  • Kelly Noelle -

    My Papa ~ I feel like the floods will really come when I am genuinely stumped for an answer only you know to a question I haven’t yet asked.

    My dad was my hero. He and I were like peas and carrots as we were so unflinchingly similar, yet also celebrated for our differences. I got to travel with my dad all around the world; scuba diving, visiting museums and galleries, road trips and sunburns ~ my dad and I were so close. I have repeated the words over and over ~ I don’t want to know a world that my dad doesn’t live in. In a way, it’s like losing a guide, a friend, a debate, a laugh, a hug, an easy conversation, a dining partner…it’s an incredible amount of loss. I hope to adopt my dad’s joy of life as I navigate the world without him.

    He was a great dad and Gramps. I sure am proud to be his daughter. Love you papa ~ from yer kid

  • Ray Dykstra -

    Chris Knight
    You have finally escaped the bonds of earth. I am better for having known you, and for your friendship, with your infinite knowledge on so many subjects you have broadened my horizons. Now that my sailing buddy is no longer here, sailing without him will never be the same. Once the anchor is dropped there will be a void with no one to serenade me over a fine single malt..

    You always said that success was measured by what you left behind, in which case you were very successful.

    Signed My dear boy

  • Bill Green -

    Deep condolences to Chris’ family. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris over about a ten year period….his humour, lightheartedness combined with serious thoughtfulness, wisdom, creativity and warmth will be deeply missed.

  • Jim Dopson -

    It was an honour and privilege to have worked with Chris. I learned so much just observing and experiencing his always-positive approach to work and life. All that learning was enhanced even more by working alongside him. He inspired me to be positive and more focused in both life and work. I raise my glass of good Scotch as a salute. Thank you Sharon & family for sharing him with me. Cheers, Chris.

  • The Weber Family -

    How we will miss Chris – our family patriarch. He and Sharon were masters in the kitchen; Chris’s BBQ talents are legendary. Ninety-nine percent of the family celebrations were at the Knights’ house. That doesn’t include our countless hours playing cards (a competitive bunch), listening to his incredible music collection, and discussing endless topics, books, and our magical Yukon days. We all adored and admired Chris. He was always there for our family through the good and not-so-good times. With all his incredible talents and amazing experiences, he was a family man first and foremost. He loved his family and home, and we’re so grateful Chris was a major part of our lives, We’ll always be there for you, Sharon, Catherine, Kelly, Chad, Christopher and grandkids. You are all the most important part of Chris’s amazing legacy.
    We love your family dearly.

  • Patience Conley -

    Chris left a legacy of wonderful memories for his family to hold onto and cherish.
    I was lucky to know Chris for 20 odd years.Family get-togethers usually included wonderful food when we all sat around and ate to our hearts content and listened to family stories.
    Quite often of the times and adventures the Knight family spent in the Yukon.
    I’m sure future family times will include Chris in their many conversations.
    Chris will be much missed by many.
    With much love to Sharon, Catherine,Kelly and his 6 wonderful grandchildren.

  • Gerald Wesley -

    So Sad to hear that Chris lost the last battle and has moved to the other side – but happiness that pain is gone, memories cherish and his life is remembered. He will enjoy stories with our old people!

    Chris and I worked together shortly after he moved to Victoria – Meares Island. Love and respects to Sharon and the loving family.

  • Doug Caul -

    Chris was an important mentor and teacher early in my career and his influence continues in what I do and how I do it. He taught me the value of a relationship even in challenging negotiations. I will always remember his wise words of “hard on the issue, easy on the people.” I’m so grateful that he was willing to impart his wisdom on me and many others. Thank you Chris. My condolences to Sharon and the rest of his family.

  • Norman Marcy and Terry Simonson -

    We started working with Chris almost 35 years ago. I remember Chris most clearly sitting at his elbow at the negotiating table in Mayo with the NND final agreement negotiations. He was kind to the neophytes and presented an aura far beyond his real years of experience. Truly we were all just learning on the job. That was a land far away and a long time ago now, but was a formative time for all of us. Through the years as we crossed paths his enthusiasm, optimism and personal interest in everything always made for memorable days. Truly one of a kind, master of many things, and if not a master of something, he would most often talk his way into success. Condolences to Sharon and all of the family. Chris will be missed by us all.

  • Glenn Bennett -

    On behalf of Kitselas First Nation. We want to express our heartfelt condolences to Chris’s family. Kitselas wouldn’t be where we are at if it wasn’t for the hard work of Chris. I am honoured to have worked with Chris. Chris is responsible for the many successes Kitselas now enjoy’s from our first Forest Tenure, Geo Thermal energy project, LNG impact benefits, Port of Prince Rupert. This list’s go’s on. Chris was a charming gentleman and a great friend to Kitselas. Chris will be missed by many.

    Glenn Bennett
    Kitselas First Nation

  • The Jordan Blackburn Family -

    Our hearts go out to Sharon and the girls and to Cheryl. We had so many wonderful times with our cousin Chris, they will always bring laughter and joy to us all.

    Shane, Nancy, Jason/Shelley, Rhiannon/Steve, Katrina/Bryce, Kyle/Ali, Sheehan/Leah, and all the little ones!

  • Nancy A Jordan -

    The best cousin a gal could have, he was always there for me and I too for him. I followed him to the Yukon and spent so many wonderful days with he and Sharon and their girls. He was probably one of my Mom’s best friends and then one of mine. We laughed and laughed and created some wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.
    We’ll miss his ‘ten cent tours’ and his stories – he could weave a tale!
    I loved him to the moon and back and will forever have a hole in my heart from his passing.
    I know you are up there with our clans telling many a tale and singing many a tune; you are home!

  • Wilfred McKenzie -

    Chris was an amazing man to know. Chris and I worked on various projects over the years in the north. Our travels took us to the Yukon, China and other locations. He was a real friend who will be missed by many who were fortunate to know him.
    Sincerest condolences from my family to his wife Sharon, daughters Kelly and Catherine and their families.
    Will miss you my friend

  • Kim Hudson / Ivan Jacobsen -

    Chris was a real gentleman. Kind, accomplished, and a positive influence on all fortunate enough to make his acquaintance. He lived a full life and will be missed.

  • john baogh -

    Such an amazing human who will be sorely missed and whose brilliance is only exceeded by the warmth and generosity of his heart. Love you dear friend. sending the best of wishes to Sharon, Catherine, Kelly and all those who had the joy and honour of having Chris in their lives.

  • Ed Landry -

    The Greatest man that ever lived. I will miss your wisdom, inspiration and support. Condolences to Sharon, Catherine, Kelly, Cheryl, and their families.

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