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Category: Cremation Conversation

Scattering Cremated Remains

Here is some interesting information about Scattering Cremated remains. If you plan to scatter, you may want to consider keeping some of the remains in a small keepsake urn, or jewellery such as a pendant or keychain. We have many keepsake and jewellery items to choose from. SCATTERING: Cremated remains also may be scattered in   [read more…]

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What’s a green burial?

Green burials or natural burials are low impact, use less energy, consume fewer resources (like water), are less toxic, and may include local, sustainable materials. However, they are not available across Canada (which makes green funerals an excellent option, in the meantime.) Bodies are not embalmed because that delays decomposition. Without formaldehyde to preserve the   [read more…]

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Being an Executor

Being the executor of someone else’s estate can be a complex and daunting responsibility. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers information for Executors, including “What to do following a death” and “Preparing returns for deceased persons.” CRA also provides online forms related to estate matters like RRSPs, property, tax deferments, and deductible funeral expenses. These   [read more…]

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