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What’s a green burial?

Green burials or natural burials are low impact, use less energy, consume fewer resources (like water), are less toxic, and may include local, sustainable materials. However, they are not available across Canada (which makes green funerals an excellent option, in the meantime.)

Bodies are not embalmed because that delays decomposition. Without formaldehyde to preserve the body, toxic chemicals are avoided, reducing harmful exposure both to nature and the embalmer.

Instead, bodies are wrapped in a biodegradable shroud or placed in a biodegradable casket. Protected green space becomes the final resting place. Currently only a few cemeteries in Canada have designated green sites at their cemeteries: the Union Cemetery in Cobourg, Ontario , Duffin Meadows Cemetery, near Toronto, Ontario and Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, B.C. *copied from the Royal Oak Cemetery website.

Simply Cremations has handled several “Green Funerals” and as a Funeral Director for 15 years, and Doug for 30, we found it really different, very peaceful and respectful. There was no casket, only a shroud that we wrapped the body of the deceased in, and the deceased was place on a wooden plank surrounded by fir branches, it was very nice. The Royal Oak Cemetery is a beautiful place and they have a chosen a really lovely area for the green cemetery area.