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Security during Memorial Services

Some important Security issues to consider if you’re holding a Memorial or Funeral Service for a loved one

If the service is advertised in the paper, then it is on the internet, even if it’s just word of mouth, people know.
* Have someone stay at the family home(s) during this time, to deter any theft from the home, if would be thieves think the house is empty, they could show up to rob the house.
* If the service is  held at a funeral home, ask them to have an employee watch the parking lot during the service. Same goes if it’s at a church or other venue, have a volunteer stay in the parking lot for the hour. Thieves have been know to break into or steal cars when they know that they have at least an hour from the start of the service to do so.
*When placing an obituary, only publish the Month and Year of birth of the deceased to prevent potential identity theft.