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Memorial Society

What are the benefits to joining a Memorial Society? In our opinion, there is no benefit. In fact it costs about $25.00 to join, then another fee of approximately $25.00 payable when the person dies. The Memorial Society chooses the funeral home that they have under contract, not necessarily the most affordable or the funeral home convenient to your location.

From the Memorial Society WEBSITE:

“The initiative to form a Society came from Vancouver’s Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice. At the time, there was a rising tide of protest throughout North America against the lavish, sentimental, and expensive funeral practices that were supplanting the simple funeral practices of an earlier day. The BC initiatives were part of a continent-wide response to the increasing costs of funerals.”

In this day and age, with the internet and telephone readily accessible,  you can do the research yourself, regarding prices, locations, services offered.  Just like anything else that you purchase, call and ask costs and services. We listen to our clients, you tell us what you want, we are here to provide what you want, not upsell you something you do not want. We  list all of our prices here on our website, so there are no surprises, and we don’t employ sales people, you will always be talking to a licenced funeral director when you call.