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Victoria Cremation & Funeral Service FAQs

Leslie Duncan - Licensed Funeral Director
Leslie Duncan - Licensed Funeral Director

Questions about Cremation Services

Q: Why are your costs so much less than the average funeral home?

The reasoning for this is simple, our facility and staff compliment is smaller than most funeral providers, which allows our costs to be much less and allowing us to pass these savings on to the consumer. Once we have your loved one in our care and have obtained the Medical Certification of Death from the Doctor, we can have your loved ones cremated remains and documentation to you within 3 to 5 business days.

Q: Does the consumer receive the same quality service with you as we would with a larger funeral home?

Most definitely, just because we are smaller does not mean you receive less service. We provide exactly the same services and products as everyone else. Our staff has 40 years of funeral experience.

Q: Do you perform cremations at your facility?

Our cremations are performed at the Royal Oak Crematorium in Saanich, BC

Q: Can the family arrange its own service and just use you for the basic services?

Yes. It is very common for families to arrange their own private services. We are able to provide you with all the necessary services and products that you would require.

Q: Is it possible to prearrange cremation services?

Yes. You can prearrange your service with us or if you so wish the services can be prepaid which locks in the prices. We have an open house policy at our facility which means you can drop by and view our establishment or call anytime for information.

Definitions of Funeral Terms


Cremation is the rapid oxidation of the deceased through the application of intense heat and flame reducing it to bone fragments (not ashes) with a few hours.

Cremation Container

Cremation Container is a casket like container that the deceased is placed into for the purpose of the cremation process. This is done for the ease handling for the crematorium operator and the dignity of the deceased. Cremation containers are made of many different products ranging from cardboard to the most exotic woods.

Cremation Urn

Cremation Urn is the vessel for which the cremated remains are placed into after the cremation has taken place. An urn can be the very basic such as a simple plastic box or they can be made of wood, bronze, brass, marble or even biodegradable material that joins with the earth after time.

Professional Staff and Services

Includes personnel available for the initial call, arrangement conference, various clerical duties.

Registration and Documentation

Includes the preparation of legal documents for the purpose of registering with the Province of British Columbia and the delivery of permits and documents.


Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral facility and to the crematorium.


Includes use of the funeral facility for clerical functions and arrangements.  Also includes sheltering of the deceased at the funeral facility until time of disposition.


Disinfection, preservation, and restoration of human remains for the purpose of viewing. (This is completed at the families discretion).

Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is the simplest forms of funeral services provided. This type of service provides the very basics and is decided upon when a family desires to have a cremation performed, but does not desire to have any type of formal funeral or memorial service.

Memorial Service

Memorial Service is for the family that wishes to have the cremation performed first and then conduct a service afterwards, usually with the urn present. The funeral home is usually involved in the arrangements of these services, but if families so wish they may arrange the service on their own.

Traditional Service

Traditional Service means that the deceased is present at the service in a casket with cremation or burial after the service. Caskets may be purchased for this type of service.

Staffing and Directing

Coordination and directing of the memorial service, arranging the minister, floral tributes, catering and other miscellaneous services.