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Dividing Cremated Remains, transferring remains to an urn

Today we were asked to divide cremated remains for a family.  They were a little shy about asking, as they assumed that it was something that no one did.  We assured them that this is very common, and we are pleased to do this for them.  We also recently had a lady who had her son’s and her husband’s cremated remains. Her sister, a potter had made 2 matching urns. The cremation was done in BC but not on the island. She called to ask if we would transfer the cremated remains into these new urns.  We are happy to do this for anyone at no charge, so please don’t hesitate to ask us. If anyone is considering scattering remains, we always recommend that you keep some, in a keepsake urn or jewellery pendant. Of course we do have a great selection of jewellery and urns.