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Cremation Costs in Victoria & Sidney BC

Cremation Costs Victoria
Whenever you call us, your call will be answered by one of our fully licensed Funeral Directors

Direct Basic Cremation Costs $1360.00 + TAX

  • Professional and Staff Services *at our office, your home, or fax/email
  • Registration,  Documentation & Permits
  • Transfer from Hospital and to Crematorium (business hours)
  • Facility Fee / Sheltering of deceased
  • Consumer Protection Fee
  • Basic Eco- Cardboard Cremation Casket *175 lb or less, see additonal services if other
  • Basic Urn * you may purchase a permanent urn or supply your own urn if desired
  • Cremation Process
  • Six certified copies of the original Death Certificate Included no charge *$60.00 value
  • Survivors Checklist
  • CPP Death Benefit/Survivors Benefit Application Forms
  • Delivery of Urn in the Sidney/ Saanichton/ North Saanich, or to Ferry or Airport at no charge *$65.00 value
  • NOT INCLUDED is BC Government Vital Statistics Death Certificate $27. no tax *we make these on behalf of Vital Statistics for the client, so the client doesn’t have to go to the Vital Statistics office or order online. * 6 certified copies of your original BC Govt, death certificate is included at no charge to the client

Memorial Services

Please add $650. to basic cremation fee for 2 staff members and 1 Licenced Funeral Director for Staffing and direction of Memorial or Funeral Service at the venue of your choosing

  • Professional and Staff Services
  • Registration, Documentation & Permits
  • Transfer from Hospital *regular business hours, does not include bedside transfer from care home/hospice add $95.
  •  Sheltering
  • Basic Cremation Casket (Plywood support tray >175lb or special circumstances please add $165.00) * carton eco casket is not suitable for church or other venues, a cremation casket must be used, costs vary upon style chosen.
  • Basic Urn
  • Staffing and Directing service
  • Certified copies of Death Certificates $20.00, plus GST *after 6 at no charge ($60.00 value)
  • Cremation Pendant various styles, One per family with purchase of urn * a $75.00 value
  • Survivors Checklist
  • CPP Death Benefit/Survivors Benefit Application Forms
  • Clergy, honorariums, taxes not included